Thanks to the support of the Class of 1941 and the Reunion Recognition Council they created, Georgia Tech continues to be a world–class leader in ‘creating the next’ — the next idea, the next technology, and the next legion of visionary leaders.

Bound together by passion and skill and spurred by our imaginations, our faculty, researchers, and students focus on solving the grand challenges of our time. And it’s all made possible because of the generosity of our donors who graciously give to our reunion giving program. Thank you for your support and dedication.

The Reunion Recognition Council was created by the Class of 1941 in honor of their milestone 50th reunion. The Council gratefully acknowledges the generous members of the 50th, 40th, and 25th reunion classes who participated in the reunion giving program since 1980.


Class of 1941

Class of 1941 Reunion Committee


O. Alvin Barge Jr., ARCH 1941

J. Frank Stovall, TE 1941

Vice Chair Reunion Fund
William R. Ziegler Sr., IM 1941

Vice Chair Reunion Fund
William B. Teague Jr., IM 1941

Vice Chair Reunion Party
Leo W. Kelly, CHE 1941

Vice Chair Reunion Party
Frank P. Hudson, CHE 1941

The Committee

Jack Monroe Averett, EE 1941 
Bruce S. Bailey, CHE 1941 
W. Perry Ballard, CHE 1941 
Charles H. Bates Jr., EE 1941 
John H. Batson, CE 1941 
Louis C. Bodenheimer, IM 1941 
Rhett Bryson, TECH 1941 
Hugh S. Burnes Sr., TE 1941 
Robert C. Cheek, EE 1941 

O. J. Dykes Jr., ME 1941 
W. Darius Ferris Jr., IM 1941 
Stanleigh F. Elam, CHE 1941 
Richard E. Forrest, TE 1941 
Thomas R. Gale, EE 1941  
John A. Ouzts Jr., ME 1941 
Troy H. Parham Jr., CHE 1941 
Monroe L. Plaxico, IM 1941 
Charles H. Ponder, TE 1941 


William L Shipman, ME 1941 
George Howard Stewart, GE 1941 
Hunter W. Stewart, IM 1941 
Edwin R. Van Buskirk, GE 1941 
Herbert L. Waters, IM 1941 
Wenham C. White, ME 1941 
James G. Wohlford, EE 1941 
Richard H. Yancey III, ME 1941 
P. Dan Yates Jr., IM 1941

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